Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog post #2

In the Professor Dancealot video, he shows what not to do as a teacher. The teacher "Professor Dancealot" teaches a dance class from a powerpoint presentation. He expects the students to learn from the powerpoint rather than physically doing the activity. The video shows us that engaged learning is the best way to teach. The author so this during the final exam when the students have to physically dance their way to an A. None of the students know how to dance. I agree completely with the author that students of all levels need to be engaged in their learning rather than just being taught without interaction.

Teaching in the 21st Century
-Teaching is changing with the years and advancements
-Teachers should teach students how to use the web correctly
-So things like plagiarism doesn't happen and professionalism does
-Teachers should stay up-to-date with new technology
-Examples: Blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more
-By doing this teachers learn new ways to reach out to students, meet other teachers, and find new resources for teaching.

Roberts believes that in order to teach in the 21st century, a teacher should be up to date with new web resources. He also believes that teachers should teach students how to use the internet properly to prevent plagiarism. I agree with Roberts; that teachers should be technologically up to date and teach students the web. Most high school and middle schoolers have a "Technology" or "Business Tech" course; however, in my own experience, we sat in front of a computer learning how to type without looking at the keyboard. Typing is a life skill in the 21st century, but students should be taught how to find proper sources. Roberts is right, the way teachers teach has to keep up with the latest social media among other things to capture the attention of students in the 21st century. This affects me as a future educator, but not as bad as those who are already teaching. I've grown up learning through technology, although I'm learning new things in this EDM class. I am confident that I will learn how to teach and engage students with technology with ease.

The Networked Student Video was very informational. I don't know if I could trust my students to actually use networking, but I would teach them and encourage them to use this tool to go further in life. I appreciate the answer to the question,"Why do I even need a teacher?" The teacher is there for support and encouragement. I'm wondering though if we as future educators will learn how to network? He stated that "blogs are mostly opinions," but is this not a form of networking?

Ms. Vicki Davis doesn't believe you have to know everything about the internet to teach students about it. This video answered the question in my previous paragraph. I can learn how to network with my students, and sometimes my students can teach me. I noticed that she allows her students to teach; I learn by teaching someone else. This is why I will enjoy this EDM class, because I will be able to learn and teach at the same time.

Dr. Strange's Comparison of Technology by grade levels
Well I'm an undergraduate and after watching this video comparison I feel I'm not adequately sufficient in the tech world. I'm jealous that these kids get to learn through technology. When I was in elementary school the only thing we did on computers was take our Accelerated Reader tests. I do feel by the end of this EDM class, I will be more on these elementary school children's level of knowledge of technology.

Flipping the Classroom
This method is new to me. I have heard the phrase but was never explained exactly what it is. I believe it will be very useful to both the teacher and the students. Attempting problems on the upcoming lesson will help the student know what is coming. If they have problems with the questions, they can be more apt to ask the teacher for help or research the method to do said problem. By doing this, the teacher can pinpoint the problem in the classroom and help.

Keep Calm and Love Computers

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blog Post 1

After asking my friend about EDM 310, I began to get a little worried about how my semester was going to end up. She explained to me that the class was entirely paperless and informative but a lot of work. I was hoping my worries would be minute after the start of the semester. It is a lot of work; however, I know that I am going to be using the information as a future teacher. My biggest fear coming into EDM 310 is that I will get behind on my work and fail the course. I've done pretty well keeping up so far.

EDM 310 is so different from all of my other courses. In EDM 310, we actually learned how to write these blogs and write a bit of HTML format. Although I haven't had to, I feel completely comfortable asking a question. In other classes, we just sit there, listen, and take notes. In EDM, we have a hands-on approach and I benefit from being shown how to do something more than being told. In EDM, we have to basically teach ourselves by reading instructions and it benefits us. If we have questions we can refer to the instructions. In other courses, we are given information and have to memorize or learn the information. THis course is like no other!

I think my biggest problem is going to be keeping up with Dr. Strange in class. I get lost sometimes while he's showing us what we are doing, but I can always refer to my instruction manual or ask for help. I am also going to have trouble getting my posts done on time because I will forget. Because of this I have set up an alarm on my phone (since I always have it) to remind me to start writing.

I honestly can't wait to see what other things about technology we learn.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice blog post

About Alex Odell

I. About me

a. Where I have lived: Satsuma,AL

b. Major interests:Dance,History, music, hunting, fishing

c. Why I attend USA: close to home, affordable,and Education program

II. Major

a. Secondary in Social Sciences

b. Why I want to teach: Make History fun again.

II. The 21st Century Teacher

a. Teach to learn

b. Order over class

c. Know the material

d. Adaptation

All About Me

My name is Alex Odell. I am a 24 year old mother to a soon to be 3 year old. I have a fiance and his 11 year old daughter that I live with in Satsuma,Alabama. We have 7 dogs: 5 beagles and 2 blue ticks. I enjoy hunting and fishing. I have been dancing for 20 years. I also enjoy many different genres of music. To forget about my troubles in life, I put on music and dance until I lose myself. It doesn't have to be a choreographed dance, it just has to be you moving. My favorite subject growing up was always History. I enjoy learning about old things, and knowing that someone who participated in a major event walked where I walked is so exciting to me.

I chose to attend USA because it is close to home, they have a good education program, and they are affordable for the most part. I am majoring in Secondary education with a concentration in Social Sciences. I chose Social Sciences simply because I love it. Throughout school, I've had fantastic History teachers, who made learning fun. I want my students to have fun, and not look at History as a boring, dry subject. I want to put more emphasis on Social Sciences because without History class we wouldn't know what to do in the future. We learn from the past.

The 21st Century Teacher
I believe a teacher's job is to teach students in a manor that the students will actually learn the material. Teachers have to keep their classes in order. They must know the material to answer questions and if not then be willing to find the right answer for the student. I also believe part of teachers jobs is to adapt to the environment. If a student has an IEP, the teacher must accommodate this student's needs.

Jay and his fishMe and my beagle TraumaSatsuma High School Dance Team 2008