Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post 3

With watching and reading the peer editing materials, I have learned how to approach a fellow classmate without being embarrassed to do so. I have never liked peer review because I was never taught the appropriate way to critize someone's paper. I never enjoyed getting negative feedback, because my papers were being reviewed by people with the same education as me. After learning the steps to peer reviewing--compliment,suggestions, and corrections--I feel confident enough to go to my fellow classmate and address problems with papers, blogs, etc.

If I find mistakes in my peers writing, I will first compliment their work. You can't focus just on the negative or they will feel inadequate. Once we have established rapport, then I can suggest things to make the paper better. These things may include but are not limited to grammar, sentence wording, and organization. Then comes the corrections, the paper must be read over for them. After the corrections are made, another full run through, if possible outloud, will catch any overlooked mistakes. After these steps, more compliments could be used. The self-accomplishment in both peers will be very high in this type of positive outcome of peer review. I am looking forward to showing my future students the correct way to peer review.


  1. Hey Alex!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog! I always hated peer editing! I just couldn't stop thinking that I was hurting someones feelings or coming off as offensive. I'm glad this assignment helped you feel more comfortable about peer editing!

  2. Hi Alex! I completely agree with you. Peer editing can be a very awkward task. You blog was written very well, and I didn't find any mistakes at all. After watching the videos and reading everything last week I feel much more comfortable with peer editing as well. I loved reading your blog. Have a great semester and good luck!