Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

While watching the Anthony Capps interview, I learned very valuable information about project-based learning. Through PBL, students can cover more than just one state standard. An example of this is Anthony's letter to the Congressman. His students had to research important females in history and then include their research in their argument of why or why not the women should be in the combat zones in their letters to the congressman. This project covered reading, writing and social studies standards. PBL allows the students to get involved with their education. It promotes research and personal curiosity. Capps also says not to limit your students so that it promotes that natural curiosity.

Icurio is an online search engine that allows students and teachers to search the web for educational materials from credible websites. This site also allows for online storage so the students can organize their researched materials and come back to the information at a later time.

I will be using project-based learning because I enjoy it's freedoms that satisfy my curiosity. I hope to be able to utilize the Icurio at my school. I want to be able to allow my students every opportunity to be themselves but learn at the same time. Self-identity is important at all grade levels. I want to engage my students as much as possible, so that I know they are learning.

Icurio log-in page


  1. "I will be using project-based learning because I enjoy it's freedoms that satisfy my curiosity." Awkward

    And what about the other videos?

  2. Alex,
    I also learned a lot from Dr. Strange's conversation with Anthony Capps. I thought I knew all there was to know about PBL prior to this assignment, but Mr. Capps taught me that it is important in more ways than one. Until he mentioned it, I did not realize that you could cover several standards with one project. I also think it is a great way to promote deeper thinking and student interaction. I will be using PBL in my future classrooms for those same reasons as well. Great post!