Thursday, September 25, 2014

C4K summary for September

My C4K kid, Paige, made a slide show showing sports in the commonwealth from A to Z. She had a few grammatical errors but it was merely her missing a word or misspelling a word. She did her research and the creativeness of the presentation shows well.

My Comment:
"Paige I enjoyed your slide show very much. You are very creative. I like that you challenge your audience to guess which country the games came from. My favorite games are your innovations for Y and Z. You do have a couple grammatical errors, but overall the presentation is very informative. It has even introduced me to some new games."

The 2nd kid,Navaeh, her assignment was to create a new food. She had a few grammatical errors, but overall you get the concept of her short post describing her new food.

My comment:
"Hello Nevaeh. You did a good job on your 2nd post! You followed your teacher’s directions and described your new food. Just be sure to check your spelling. I can’t wait to read your next post Nevaeh."

My student, Evan, was tasked to summarize a story. He did a great job except he had many grammatical errors. He never used quotation marks or commas when someone was talking. But reading his story through the errors, he did a good job with his summary. Had his puncuation been better, his post would have been better.

My comment:
"Hi Evan. I’m Alexandria from the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your story. Be sure to look at your grammar and puncuation in your story. Overall, you did a great job and I can’t wait to read more from you and your classmates." (I put my link to my blog as my name "Alexandria."

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