Friday, September 12, 2014

C4T summary for September

Summary of Teacher's 1st blog post
In Larry Ferlazzo's blog post, he tells us how useful infographics are to people learning. He goes on to tell us different places we can find these credible infographics.

My comments
"Hi Larry, I’m Alex Odell from the University of South Alabama. I believe that these infographic are a very useful tool for everyone not just students. They are great for summarizing important information like writing papers or tips on driving safely. Teachers should utilize these when able, to keep the kids attention longer. Kids enjoy short cuts, and what better way to do that than with educational pictures and graphs. Do you use these infographics in your classroom? If so, how well do your students respond to them?
My blog"

Summary of 2nd post
Larry shares a 2 minute video about the near future vote of scottish independence. His blog focuses on English language learners, so he believes this video is too swift for a ELL student. He believes this video is very informative to those not familiar with Great Britain.

My comment
"Like you stated above, the video would be too fast for ELL students. However, one could break the video down to make it more understandable. The information it’s self is interesting. If this happens history will be changed. Do you believe this will encourage more countries to break away from their conquerors? What do you think will happen if the vote is against the breakaway? Do you think Scotland will have their “reigns” tightened?"
Larry Ferlazzo

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