Sunday, October 5, 2014

blog post #7

My strengths in technology:

  • being taught at a young age how to use a computer
  • having PBL from a young age caused me to experiment with new tools in technology
  • having used new study methods in college (recordings to study)
My weaknesses:
  • being self-taught and not knowing all the tricks to some tools
  • not knowing which tools are the best for the project at hand
In Michele Bennett's  QR Code this will be useful for communication with parents, but only those with smartphones. However, this recording in the code is very useful for the students. If the student uses this tool to record themselves reading books or study guides, they will be able to listen to themselves saying the right answer. When using this method and recording on an ipad, I've found my grades improved.

When using tools such as PopletAlabama Virtual Library, and Discovery Eduacation board builder it helps reinforce project based learning. The children are able to research information themselves. These tools combined with the teachers lesson will help the student be there own person by allowing them to choose the subject to be researched, allows the student to be engaged in their education, and preventing the burp back education.

Kid with a laptop


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I think you gave a good summary showing that you understood what was expected for you to understand. I liked reading your strengths and weaknesses as well.

  2. "...he student be there own person by …" their, not there

    You did not comment on all parts of the assignment and the comments you have made are very sketchy for the most part.