Saturday, October 25, 2014

C4K #3 for October

My student only had one sentence:"I think your the best teacher ever and I’m existed for band!(: " Evan was super excited about band.

My comment:
"Hi Evan, I’m Alexfrom University of South Alabama. It’s exciting to see kids excited about school. I hope you enjoy your school year!"

Footnote: I placed my blog link into my name, but I forgot to space after.

Mrs. Morgan's 2nd grade class was assigned to write thank you letters to students who had drawn them pictures. Chloe received a picture of a rabbit and a flower colored by Mikaila and Christopher. She had a few misspellings and some puncuation errors, but her letter could be read for the understanding. It was well written for her age.

My comment:
"Hi Chloe. I'm Alex from the University of South Alabama and I'm in EDM 310. I enjoyed your thank you letter to Mikaila and Christopher. You were very nice, and gave reasons why you liked the paintings so much. Make sure you go back over your work when you finish to proofread. I wish I had nice thank you letters like yours. Good job and enjoy your school year Chloe."

I chose to comment on my kid's previous blog post. Kenny is in the 7th grade and he brought up a subject that my group discussed in our video book conversation. He states he would rather choose what to read instead of being assigned. This is something that I believe in with everything and I will have my students learn through project based learning and have them choose their subject matter themselves when applicable.

My comment:
"Hey Kenny. I'm Alex from the University of South Alabama. I'm in EDM 310 and I plan on teaching middle or high school History. I agree with you on choosing your own books. However, I think that you should get out of your comfort zone sometimes. You never know if you may like another genre. I plan on trying to eliminate assigned things in my class. I want to assign a subject and let my students chose what they want to write about. Your blog is great by the way. Double check your grammar and keep up the great work Kenny! I can't wait to see more of your work. Have a great school year. Oh and my facorite book is "I Have Lived a Thousand Years." It's about a family in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany."

Zachary's Post: "At School I like play jacob"

Hi Zachary, I'm Alex from the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Class. Be sure not to forget your "filler words" like 'to' and 'with.' It should read: "At school I like to play with Jacob." Good job using the computer.

Our literacy class is learning how to read maps and a saying for NESW N stands for North,E stands for East,S stands for South and W stands for West. The saying for this is Never Eat Soggy Weet-bix.

Hi Toma, I'm Alex Odell from Dr. Strange's EDM310 Class at the University of South Alabama. Learning your directions will be very useful for the rest of your life. Everything will be easier when you travel outside of your town. It can be very helpful when someone else asks you for directions. I learned my directions as "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" or when you look at the compass the West and East say "we." I hope you are enjoying learning your directions. It will be so helpful in life.

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