Friday, October 10, 2014


In Pullen's blog he recommended a book. He recommends this book because it has methods in it that can be used whether you are teaching common core or not. He goes on to say the book uses methods such as mneumonics and the practice of answering the question before being taught the lesson. I am a firm believer in these methods because they are the way I learned and retined the information.

My comment:
"Hi I’m Alex from the University of South Alabama and I am in EDM 310. Thank you for sharing this book. As a future teacher, I appreciate people who believe in mneumonics and answering questions before being taught. I have every intention of actually teaching to help my students learn, while maintaining the standards for the school system."

In Pullen's post from November of last year, he reviews a Michigan law being proposed to the legislature. This law states that if students in the third grade fail a standardized reading test they are to be retained in the third grade. He goes on to say that it sounds like the proposal has a good goal to have all students reading by the third grade. However, the bill does not include those students with disabilities that affect students reading capabilities such as dyslexia. He encourages the Michigan people to vote against this bill.

My Comment: 
I’m Alex Odell from the University of South Alabama in EDM 310 majoring in Secondary Ed Social Sciences. Having been through standardized testing my entire school life, I can say I don’t agree with this law. Standardized testing is hurting our students and it promotes burp back education and not actual learning. If we started focusing on the students passions and teach them through this, there would be a new and improved generation. I will be using project based learning in my classroom, more than likely my students will learn and meet the Common Core standards. The legislature had no thoughts of children with exceptionalities. This test would put a lot of pressure on the 3rd grade teachers, not to mention if students are retained the class sizes would probably triple in number."

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