Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog post #8

Randy Pausch's main point is to follow dreams. While following these dreams you will always hit a brick wall, but what sets you apart from others is what you do at this wall. If you go through the wall or over it, this shows you are determined to achieve your goal. While you may surpass this wall, others will turn back showing they are not as determined. He addresses both learners and teachers because they are one in the same.

As a future educator, I have learned from Pausch's lecture that I must actively engage my students. To achieve this I will have to provide a fun but challenging environment. We as teachers must experiement with teaching and find what works best for you and your classes. As Randy states about the learning head fake, "Have the students learn one thing while they are learning something else." In my opinion, this is a wonderful concept. He also tells teachers not to set standards for students. If all of the students do well, tell them, "This is great work but I believe you can do better." If we set a bar for our students, they will not grow and we will never know their potential. We have to let people be themselves and showcase their personality through their work. If we encourage these students once they hit that "brick wall," we become a cheerleader for that student, and in return this promotes the students enthusiasm for learning.

As a person we are constantly learning and evolving. We can not limit ourselves; if we do that we will be unhappy with our lives. If we can learn to challenge ourselves by setting high goals and being determined to achieve those goals and make newer goals; we will begin a generation that has no limits. This will open up doors for education, because if we do project based learning this will increase students interest in their own education.

Some rules to live by in his lecture:

  • Be loyal.
  • Have fun.
  • Never give up. 
  • Learn from your students.
  • Use "head fakes" often.
  • Never lose your child like wonder.
  • Help others.
  • Be happy.
  • Ask for help
    • Tell the Truth
    • Be earnest
    • Apologize when you screw up
    • Focus on others and not yourself
  • Don't bail!
  • Use a feedback loop!
  • Have graditude.
  • Don't Complain just work harder.
  • Be good at something; it makes you valuable.
  • Find the best in everybody; it takes time.
  • Be prepared.
He goes on to say that the lecture is not about achieving your dreams, its about leading your life the right way. "If you lead your life the right way, karma will take care of itself. Your dreams will come to you." He ends his lecture with the second head fake,"The talk is not for you, it's for my kids." 

Background on Randy: Born in Baltimore, Maryland, received his bachelor's and a PhD in Computer Science, worked for Disney, works in virtual reality, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and is famous for his "Last Lecture"
Randy Pausch wrote a book on living while dying. Motivation. Pass it on.


  1. Great post! I agree completely that we should be our students' teachers and supporters. Some students don't get that support at home so it is nice for teachers to let them know they care. Your outlook on the lecture is awesome, and I think you will do great things for your students. Best of luck!