Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blog Post #10

In Ms. Cassidy's videos, she emphasizes the children's excitement to be using technology inside the classroom. She states they get excited because they don't have to power down when they come to school. When the students do their assignments, they are excited because it's not just Ms. Cassidy that is reading them it's the world. In her interviews, she emphasizes the use of social media, and gives an example for the student majoring in physical education: "If the gym is cancelled you can blog it...or text them."  I would use a blog and a google site for my classroom. My students would blog about current events or the like. Students respond and stay engaged when technology is used when learning. I would use a google site to post homework, projects, instructions, and more. The problem for me would be if the student is allowed/has access to the internet outside of school. If this were to occur, I would allow the students to complete the assignment in class.

Look out honey 'cause I'm using technology poster


  1. Did you watch the video in which the kids starred?

  2. Hey Alex! I also noticed that the students were excited because the whole world gets to see their work instead of just their teacher. I am sure this also encourages them to do better work since more people will see it. I will also use a blog in my classroom. This allows students to become familiar with technology and also allows their parents/guardians to log in and see their child's work. A class website is also a great idea so you can post updates, assignments, etc. Good post and I really like your image!

    Callie Barton